About REU

What is the principal problem that found companies?

Ideally, your company will hold both property and client however there are many times your company will not have what the client requests; you have 3 options:

1 - Try to find the properties that match your clients needs.

2 - Try to find an agent who will collaborate that may have the property you are looking for and who you can trust and set up the documents to protect both sides for the collaboration.

3 - Lose the client completely so they find what they are looking for elsewhere.

What solution does Real Estates United offer you?

REU provides you with a search program where you can contact like-minded agents who are pre-agreed and willing to collaborate with other professional agents rather than lose the clients or properties.   Our search facility gives you the opportunity to directly contact other professional realtors and send out multi search emails to various agents that widen your search depending on your clients needs.   The only additional question you will need to ask your client is ‘which agents they have already contacted in order to avoid overlap’ensuring the client remains loyal to your company thus allowing you to build a stronger relationship and be more effective and successful in finding them their property to rent or buy.

What is our the main objective?

What is our the main objective?

1. To refine the search process for clients.

2. By providing tools to agents to have more success with clients.

REU is a United Kingdom based company with associate companies in Mallorca and mainland Spain, exploring Europe with a global business plan for growth and international collaboration worldwide. Agents in other countries will soon be working with the REU protected system to introduce more clients and generate more business without limitations.


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