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Revolutionizing communication

As a real estate agency, have a free portfolio of properties to offer your clients. With the pre-agreed collaboration at 50%. With the rapid ability to share the file of each property with them, saving a lot of money and time in recruiting and personnel.

1 - At you can expose all your properties at the service of other agencies to sell them faster.

2 - Take advantage of unique prices on services you always need, such as drone photography or legal help.

3 - Belong to an affordable, long-lasting and updatable circle of trust.

Is it what your company need?

The club offers direct access to all member agencies to offer your services at an exclusive price and thus nourish themselves by generating income either by serving the agencies or by offering referral commissions to their clients. Do you want to enter the real estate market offering interior design services, reforms, advice or rendering of plans in 3d? We are looking for you!

How does it work and what to expect?

Through the realization of an article written by a journalist, with extensive experience and experience in the international journalistic world, we set in motion, together with photographic material and videos, the dissemination from the insertion in local company websites, expanding it to the accounts of social networks of the same and within the newsletters attached to the contacts of each one to reach the already established readers.

Two profiles are dominant among readers: the individual buyer and the local entrepreneur. That with this wide we ensure the impact of need. This is not a massive product, it is an exclusive product that allows some companies to take advantage of the diffusion in order to maintain constant reliability.

REU is a United Kingdom based company with associate companies in Mallorca and mainland Spain, exploring Europe with a global business plan for growth and international collaboration worldwide. Agents in other countries will soon be working with the REU protected system to introduce more clients and generate more business without limitations.

Do you need more properties to sell?
Do you have any services to sell to the real estates?
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